City Tour Cabo Polonio

Cabo Polonio is a mythical place on the Uruguayan ocean coast. Its unique beaches surrounded by rocky points and the wonderful sight of the mobile dunes are more than a reason to visit.

There are several ways to access this attractive, rustic, rustic and cozy spa; But none of them includes a conventional route or path. The entrance is made at kilometer 264.5 of Route 10, then traveling ten kilometers. While the tourist can not access the spa with a 4 × 4 vehicle, it is recommended to use some of the services offered on the access that is on Route 10 to help preserve the place.

Its rustic personality, sustained in an environment without streets, electric light, telephone or running water, reinforces the sovereign presence of nature.

Cape Polonio stands as a natural reserve of undeniable beauty. Integrates the System of Protected Areas as National Park since July 2009.

In the rock formations of Cabo Polonio is one of the most important reserves of sea lions in the world, who can be found in the sun on some rock or playing against the currents. Their particular songs can be heard amidst the roar of the sea against the rocks.

The Cape natural environment is perfect for walking on the massive mobile dunes or horseback riding on its coast. Its oceanic beaches are wide, fine sand, with large waves and clear green water of great transparency, ideal for swimming or diving. It is also an excellent sport fishing all year round

Price per person USD 121