City Tour Colonia

A cultural walk through the history of the conquest and colonization in the Rio de la Plata. Discover the charms of the unique city of Portuguese origin in the territory of the Banda Oriental, now the Eastern Republic of Uruguay.

The walk allows us to observe in the tray, agricultural production - livestock - industrial, our letters of presentation in the world economy. We visit the unique city of Nueva Helvecia also called Colonia Suiza, and then reach Colonia del Sacramento.

It is located in the north of the Rio de la Plata 177 kilometers from Montevideo and 45 kilometers straight from Buenos Aires. Its Historic District was declared by UNESCO, Historical Patrimony of the Humanity in December of 1995. Its urban plant of Portuguese origin contrasts with the model that ordered the Spanish Law on the West Indies.

It is characterized by unmistakable walls and defensive bastions. We also visited the Rambla Costanera, the Real de San Carlos with its old Bullring, the Church of San Benito and residential neighborhoods of the city. We will take an absolutely different and exclusive walk of cultural interest to know and enjoy the magic of this environment. At agreed time of return to your hotel.


Cologne Switzerland
Schoenstatt Virgin
New Helvecia
Real de San Carlos
Rambla Costanera
Caminatour for the Historic District
Street of Sighs

Price per person USD 80